Turn Watcher

Turn Watcher 1.4

Turn Watcher is an Initiative Tracker for RPG Game Masters!

Have you ever wished for an easier way to handle combat rounds while running your encounters? If so, then the tool you've been waiting for has finally arrived: Turn Watcher!
Turn Watcher is an Initiative Tracker for RPG Game Masters!


- Customize the columns
Yes! Now you can customize the columns appearing in the main UI! Add your own columns (e.g. Armor Class), and create your own secret rolls (e.g. Perception and Move Silently).
- Got a second monitor?
Show your players their status with the new Player HUD (Heads Up Display)!
- Track spells and abilities.
Turn Watcher will alert you when those effects expire! As a bonus feature, you can even automate temporary hit points and hit point boosts.

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